About Mix Media, LLC

Mix Media, LLC is a brand entertainment and specialty product placement, marketing firm that has been serving small to midsize companies throughout the country for several years by helping them achieve prominence through elite connections.

Mix Media, LLC works hand-in–hand with Alive! Expo Green Pavilion by creating product placement and sponsorship opportunities in television, film and high profile events to establish celebrity association for their clients; helping originate positive celebrity product connections without the formality of a commercial endorsement. These connections generate both celebrity branding and strong brand recognition.

Mix Media, LLC, founded and led by Kim Kreiss melds all the positive aspects of enthusiastic marketing, television and film production with the business know-how of a Hollywood insider.

Contact: Mix Media, LLC. mixmedia@comcast.net
Kim Kreiss (888) 803-0019

6025 Sandy Springs Circle • Suite 338 • Atlanta, GA 30328